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 Hacks for FF XI

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PostSubject: Hacks for FF XI   Hacks for FF XI Icon_minitimeTue Feb 03, 2009 11:03 am

-This was taken from

In Final Fantasy XI Hacks are used by almost every player. A FFXI Hack example is the English Version of POS. With POS you can manipulate the games XYZ coordinates. The X is East, the Z is North, and the Y is up and down. Now using POS may have your account banned, and in no way does endorse using any sort of FFXI Hacks. However when a player uses a hack like this is can be utilized to easily camp special mobs in the game. What many players have done is they will first of all use one hack to know whenever a special mob is going to spawn. After they find the mobs spawn area right away then they would use the POS to then travel right to where the mob is and kill it right away. This conjunction made it nearly impossible for anyone to beat that player to a kill in the game.

Here is an example of FFXI Hacks Final Fantasy XI Hack Information submitted by our community in the past. (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)

Ok since they patched FFXI and made dynamic app name its been a real pain however to over come this you will need to do the following.

Download The Arcbell FFXI Windower


Unzip it to a folder of your choice

Download this plugin and copy it to your plugins folder (the windower's directory)

Now for the flee tool

open FleeTool.ini and delete it all and paste all this

WindowTitle=FFXiApp - Windower Enabled

now save FleeTool.ini

ok now run the Launcher.exe in the windower's directory and POL will run so login as normal and boot up FFXI.

FFXI will be in window mode
once fully logged into the server

press ` (top left of your keyboard - underneath ESC)

the console of the windower will appear

in the console type "load NameChanger" and press enter

now the flee tool should work fine !

Note this has been fully tested and im doing it now.

Yours Truly,

The Creator of the FF Clan,
Mikey AKA FF Ghost!
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Hacks for FF XI
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